Last Minute Shopping/Downloads: The Jimmies “Mama Said Nog You Out”

You may be sick of Justin Bieber or Michael Buble’s Holiday albums by now. You may shriek if you hear Xtina belt out that she won’t be home for Christmas or Jessica’s somewhat putrid recollection of seeing Mommy kissing Santa Claus. But have no fear. I have a new album to add to your Holiday playlist that is destined to become a classic for the young and old alike. Mama Said Nog You Out by The Jimmies.

First – the title. Seriously. How do you not love it already?

You know how all the blogging mamas love our “Survival of The Hippest” necklaces with our Twitter handles? Well, Ashley (@PluckyPea) is also the singer behind this amazing kids-rock group. She makes cool jewelry and music my kids love to listen to – I have a total girl crush.

Available at Barnes and Noble and iTunes – it’s worth getting RIGHT NOW to play over and over for the next week. The kids love it. You will love it. It makes the perfect stocking stuffer or last minute gift.

In case you don’t believe me, I’ll share this little gem of my kids singing their official theme song of the season off Mama Said Nog You Out – “I’m Getting Nothing for Christmas.”

Enjoy. And Happy Everything!

And yes. Apparently I’m raising Taylor Swift AND Jay-Z.

*Disclosure: Jason (@PetCobra) got a free copy of this CD for review. I just ran with it because I love it.

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