History of the Tiffany Blue Box

Whenever you see this particular blue box from Tiffany & Co., you can be sure you have one or two less breaths made and your heart will leap a little in its place. In whatever occasion, a gift wrapped in a Tiffany blue box will always count the most precious gift, not by its worth but by its symbol of quality, class, and superiority among all other presents one will ever receive in his or her lifetime.

The Tiffany blue box was the brainchild of the founder of Tiffany & Co., himself, Charles Lewis Tiffany. He particularly selected this color originally for the cover of the company’s Blue Book, which was first published in 1845. The Blue Book, of course, contained the collections of the company’s finest jewels of each year from then on. At the time, the company was still known as Tiffany and Young. The popularity of the turquoise gemstone during the 19th century may have been the reason why Tiffany Blue was selected which later on became the company’s color.

During the Victorian era, many brides prefer to give their attendants with turquoise dove-shaped brooch as a keepsake of their wedding day. This became a popular choice of color during those times, which brought in a very exceptional mark of elegance. In the later part of 1880s, this brand of blue became the trademark of the wrapping of the company which carried in it the brand of high quality jewelry. Later on, the company also used gift bags that used the same Tiffany Blue color. Other promotional materials in print and over the internet also used Tiffany Blue massively to further popularize its brand color.

Tiffany blue was also called in many other names such as robin egg blue, forget-me-not blue, and Pantone 1834 blue. The company made sure that this hue of blue became the recognizable hue that carries its name through its acquisition of exclusive trademark rights. Today, it is simply just known as Tiffany blue by most people around the world because of its distinct hue of blue.

Over the years, the Tiffany blue box became an icon in itself that is equally significant to the gift it wraps. The company has an absolute rule that the Tiffany blue box can only leave the shop as a very special wrap of the gift item purchased from the company. The box itself carries the name of the company trusted by its clients and it is only fitting that it is used to carefully encase the most cherished gift that a person will ever receive.

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