How To Take Great Pictures at Soccer Games

Kids’ soccer games can be very thrilling and exhilarating. A lot of parents and relatives take photographs of these games because memories last a lifetime and there is always a big possibility that a winning shot might be included in the photographs. You do not need to be a professional photographer to take the best shots; you just need to know some tips in taking pictures.

In order to take great pictures, your camera needs to be serviceable enough to produce them. Digital cameras are very good at taking great shots but the DSLR cameras are now the rage when it comes to individuals who want to have pictures that stand out. While the DSLR cameras are also digital cameras they have the capacity to change their lenses that proves to be one better thing from the ordinary digital cameras.

Digital Cameras
Digital cameras are the point and shoot of today. These have settings that enable the user to point and shoot according to what they want. In spite of the capacity to change settings, they are a far cry from the DSLR cameras when it comes to clarity and function but they can still take great pictures when the photographer knows how to maneuver the functions and settings of the digital camera.

DSLR Cameras
The settings of the DSLR camera need to be set to sports mode in order to take action shots. This setting is usually set on sports when the photographer is not so familiar with the manual setting and to make it so that it can take great shots. If you are familiar with the manual function of the DSLR camera, you can set it to a bigger aperture and a faster shutter speed to be able to take frozen action shots instead of blurred ones.

The Light
Aside from the settings, the amount of light present during the game and its direction are also some of the things that should be considered. There are settings for the kind of light that is currently at the game but you also need to be aware of what taking a picture with the light in front could do. With the light in front of the photographer and the light behind the subject, the picture will turn out with a darkened subject because of the backlight. To compensate for this, you might like to change locations in order not to shoot against the light.


The Background
A lot of professional photographers always check the background of the game before positioning themselves in an ideal spot. Ideal backgrounds are those that are not so busy with people or traffic. Some photographers make sure that their settings are in the widest aperture they can get to make the background blurry and to focus on the player or the action in the field instead. This is based on kids’ soccer games but when it is professional soccer games, the background can be the fans themselves showing their support to their team.

Unlimited Shots
The best part of digital cameras is that they have the storage capacity to take a few  thousand shots. In order to take the best shots, it may be a good idea to take a lot with good conditions. The burst function of most DSLR cameras and digital cameras will come in handy for this purpose. After the game, it would be so easy to cull the pictures and get rid of those that are out of focus or not relevant to the game. The point to taking a lot of pictures is to have many choices.

Know the Game
One way that to improve the quality of your shots is to know the game and know what to expect front the kids who are playing it. If you do not understand the game, you will not know the relevance of the action on the field. You won’t be able to anticipate a winning shot when the team is going for a goal if you do not understand the game.

Here is a great video tutorial that I found you should watch:

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