Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire Theatrical Trailer

The Hunger Games 2:  Catching Fire is a sequel to the initial Hunger Games movie that features Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson, Donald Sutherland and many more. It is actually based on a book that Suzanne Collins wrote, about a young girl, Katniss Everdeen (played by Jenifer Lawrence) who tries to protect her family from the “government” or ruling party in her country. In this sequel, President Snow means to get rid of Katniss, after she wins the 74th Hunger Games with Peeta Mellark (played by Josh Hutcherson), because she has inspired the lower districts to hope for a better life. To do this, President Snow orchestrated a new twist to the 75th Hunger Games in which the tributes are past victors, instead of being picked from the districts randomly. He has also threatened Katniss about losing the ones she loves if she does not play his game. She ultimately agrees and finds herself engaged with Peeta, despite having feelings for Gale Hawthorne (played by Liam Hemsworth).

The Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire trailer is out and you can expect to be fully entertained when you watch the movie, basing on this sneak peek. In this trailer, Katniss Everdeen is seen walking through an arch with the words “Victors Village” on it. She is later joined by her sister, Prim, and they are discussing the effects of Katniss’ win in the previous Hunger Games. It turns out that the people from the lowly districts have started hoping that there will be a change because of the unlikely win of Katniss and Peeta Mellark in the 74th Hunger Games.

She, or they (Katniss and Peeta) have inspired hope in the people. The fictional romance between Katniss and Peeta is also under scrutiny because Gale Hawthorne might be brought into the spotlight as Katniss’ actual love interest. There was a part of the trailer where Gale kisses Katniss, after which Gale attacks a guard while trying to protect some people. He is next seen tied (?) to a post and being beaten, most likely as a punishment for attacking the guard or protecting those people. In another setting, Katniss being dragged away, just as a man is also dragged unto the dais, maybe to be beaten or killed as an example. President Snow can also sense the simmering discontent and tension from the people caused by said win and he plots to get rid of Katniss (since she is the one who inspires the people) in a way that will teach them a lesson.

President Snow’s tone in the trailer was a bit threatening, especially when he was outlining a bleak future to Katniss where her friends and loved ones are gone, and she asks what she needs to do. It turns out that President Snow wants to have a sensational 75th Hunger Games, where the names of all the victors of the past games will be the pool from which this year’s tributes is taken from. The presentation of the tributes is just as flamboyant as the one from the last movie and Katniss is still known as the “Girl on Fire”. While she was wearing a white dress, sort of like a wedding dress, when she walked onto the stage, it burns when she twirls and changes into a dark colored one with a matching set of wings, a nod to the symbol of the rebellion, which is the mockingjay.

The change seems to have upset President Snow, or made him furious, because he is shown rising from his seat, directly after Katniss’ dress unfolds its wings or it may have been from a different scene entirely and not related to the presentation because we do not see what he saw. Katniss and Peeta are taken back to training, only this time, their companions are experienced killers from past games. Haymitch narrates the difference between last year’s games to this year and he tells Katniss to “stay alive” as his response to her query about any last advice from him.

We see Katniss riding with Peeta on a carriage as their uniforms glow with embers, continuing the “Girl on Fire” theme. Cinna, the stylist, rides with Katniss in an elevator and he pins the mockingjay on her sleeve. He must have stepped out in between pinning it on her sleeve and before she reached the surface because it is only Katniss who reaches the surface. We see her viewing her surroundings on top of a platform in the middle of the sea and the camera pans around to show the other tributes on top of their platforms as well. Katniss dives into the sea, presumably at the signal of the start of the 75th Hunger Games.

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