Best Nintendo 3DS Games for Kids (under age 10)

In the advent of technology nowadays, we often allow our children to take hold of their own gadgets. These may be in the form of gaming consoles and even smartphones. Are you concerned which games they should play at their age? Read on to find out which games they could play unattended or perhaps they could even play with you.

1. Puppies 3D
This is a puppy simulation game where being able to read is necessary. But identifying what the puppy needs is quite obvious though like whenever he needs to be fed or he wants to walk. The game makes use of StreetPass, augmented reality, and the camera.

2. New Super Mario Bros. 2
This is like the typical Mario games. Mario hops on enemies and shoots fireballs. This game is programmed to be possible with co-operative playing for multiplayer purposes. As long as the people playing have the game cartridge and a 3DS, they could play as allies altogether. Nintendo is however not advising this game to be played by children six and under as this may cause vision damage.

3. Nintendogs + Cats
Like Puppies 3D, this game is a simulator of puppies and kittens. It is interesting that this game has a pedometer mode wherein this resembles actually walking your pet while the 3DS is in your pocket as it measures how many steps you take while walking your virtual pet. With the use of StreetPass, your kids may also play with others within the vicinity as well. Then again, the 3D images may damage your child’s eyes so you may disable it.

4. Ridge Racer 3D
This is a racing game your kids would enjoy because of the visual effects of the game. The content is guaranteed to be child friendly and easy to understand. The 3D effects give a realistic feel and thrilling nature of the game. This game can be used with StreetPass as well so you may play with other players. Still, too much of this game may cause vision damage.

5. Super Mario 3D Land
This one is not also like the typical Mario game but this is also a puzzle game. The princess needs to be saved from Bowser and the players help Mario overcome the obstacles he is facing while still throwing fireballs and jumping over enemies. The only difference is that the enemies in this game seem more like obstacles rather than enemies to be defeated.

There are a lot of games available for kids aged below 10 and you just need to find the right game for your kid. It would be a plus if the game would be educational, of course. Also, keep in mind that it is necessary to limit the time that the kids are playing to avoid vision damage at an early age. All it takes is supervision and proper allotment of time in playing. Browse through other 3DS games available and who knows, your child might even have his or her favorite cartoon character there.

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