Using Microsoft Office to Organize Life as a Busy Mom

Microsoft Office 365 in particular has been receiving a lot of positive reviews when it comes to helping out people who become too busy on normal days. We’ll take busy mothers as an example.

A top favorite in the features of Office 365 is Microsoft Outlook. Most mothers think that it helps them manage their life better with its easy-to-use interface. Microsoft Outlook in Office 365 is noticeably cleaner. You may easily access your e-mail, contacts, tasks, and calendars.

For a mother, it would be easy to enter details such as ballet or hockey practices of her kids. With that, inviting your husband in just one click also becomes possible. If everyone in the household has Office 365, all your calendars may be in-sync easily. This could also be applicable for important events such as birthdays, reunions, and special announcements. Invite your family members, whether immediate or extended, and as long as they have Office 365 too, syncing your schedules is an easy thing to do.

calendar-for-outlookIn Outlook, tasks may also be viewed easily and readily accessed in the pane, for example. Tasks needing follow-ups are easy to mark and it’s even possible to organize things by due date. To reschedule or snooze tasks, a simple click is all it takes. All these are easy to navigate and it even comes with a handy local weather forecast to help you plan out your activities. Basically, scheduling activities, family-related or business-related, becomes easy with Outlook.

Excel is also very helpful. From planning family budgets to making lists for parties, everything becomes easy. If you happen to own your own business as well, you can use Excel for your invoices. Also, with Office Web Apps and Skydive, sharing Excel files becomes possible. Two or more people working on the same file at the same time is certainly doable. The files are stored in the cloud for easy access anytime you want. There’s no need for back and forth e-mails now which can be confusing and messy in the long run.

Another feature Office 365 takes pride of is how it could run in devices other than computers. Office 365 is also compatible with iPhones.

Everything is possible right at your fingertips. It works with Android devices as well. This feature is handy in editing Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents. Nothing is changed in the format of your documents so you wouldn’t have to worry about your data being modified.

In Office Mobile, the top three useful programs a busy mom could us are OneNote, OneDrive, and of course, Skype. With OneNote, capture ideas and notes easily and access them anytime you wish.

Whether it’s a random idea for that 7th birthday party of your daughter you are planning for or perhaps an idea for your business proposal, you can immediately jot it down with OneNote. Imagine going paperless and putting your grocery list here instead of using pen and paper. That’s already something in saving the environment. Another useful program is OneDrive.

Here, you can view or share folders, files, and photos just by using your phone. This is very useful when you don’t have your computer with you and you need to do basic tasks. Lastly, Skype allows you to call friends, colleagues, and your family wherever you are.

Office 365 for busy mothers is definitely a must. Check out the 3 plans they have and choose which one best suits your needs.