7 Most Educational Android and IOS Apps for Kids Under 10

Nowadays, kids have the ability to use and understand technology at a tender age. They can operate tablets and smartphones, and get to their favorite apps even before they speak. It can be a challenge for you as a parent especially if you are never around to control this behavior.

Are you wondering how to find a solution for this? Well, forbidding them to use the tablets or smartphones will not work. Kids can be very devious especially when told not to do something. The best way out is to download educational apps and let them have fun and learn at the same time. Some of the best apps available in the market are listed below.

1. Play 123It is a geometry app that is useful for preschoolers. The children are guided through simple games about numbers, colors, and shapes. This equips the kid with math’s skills.

2. Zoo Alphabet for Kids app teaches preschoolers and toddlers basic alphabets in a fun and yet educational manner. It is full of pictures and colors that teach them about names of animals, insects and birds in an alphabetical order. There is also the use of lively music, cute animal sounds, voice overs and animations that aid in making the learning process enjoyable.

3. Math on the Farmis a creative story based math learning tool. Kids are challenged to answer multiple choice questions correctly. The stories theme features a farm with flowers, fruits, vegetables, cattle and other domesticated animals. There are bright colors and interactive animations in the app that spice up the learning.

4. Learn to Spell is a free app that is great for learning new vocabulary and practicing spelling. When a child spells a word correctly, they earn coins that are used to unlock more collections. The images have associated words that promote language learning in English or Spanish. The child can also choose the level of difficulty or whether they need clues or not.

5. Super why is an app utilizes characters that help with the writing and reading skills. The Alpha Pig character creates words; Princess Presto lays words out for the kids for the kids to trace to learn writing skills and Wonder Red, who teaches children to find rhyming words. Interactive storybooks are included that instruct kids to fill in the correct words that complete the sentences.

6. A Parcel of Courage app is a highly interactive graphic book. It is full of learning activities and educational games based on Shichida and Montessori teaching methods. The interactive activities help the kid to comprehend the content while improving their working memory, spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, eye/ hand coordination and sequencing/listening skills. The app is based on a true story of three brothers who help their grandmother overcome the fear of flying so that she could visit them.

7. What’s the Sound is a new fun game that helps kids learn about sounds. The app encourages a child to explore and learn more specific sounds of wild animals, farm animals, and music instruments.

Different kids will like different iOS apps, so it is your responsibility as a parent/guardian to find out what your kids like. Downloading apps that match what they like will help make the learning more fun.Because most of the apps come with in-app purchases, make sure the kids do not know your accounts password. You can also make them understand what in-app purchase is, and tell them to ask for permission before clicking. Turning off the in-app purchases is another option you can consider.