Here are 5 Great Math Apps on iOS and Android for Kids

Smartphone apps reinforce kids’ basic arithmetic concepts and catalyze love for learning math. You’ve done it all in teaching your kid math skills—bedtime concepts that bring in math concepts, quizzes over breakfast, or extra homework help. However, there are new, clever ways to teach your kid math skills. All you need is a smartphone. We are going to look at best smartphone apps for teaching kids of different ages math skills. These apps are designed to teach kids four basic arithmetic operations: subtraction, division, addition and multiplication.

Let us look at them one by one.

1. Einstein Math Academy

Einstein Math Academy shows young kids how to add or subtract, and familiarizes them with numbers and symbols. It helps older kids practice all four math operations. This app features a look-alike Einstein, which leads more look alike Einsteins through the problem sets. When a kid gets correct answer, he/she is rewarded with gold or silver pieces that add to the overall score. Kids are also entertained and engaged along the way with music, sound effects and rainbow colors. This app is suitable for kids ages 3 and up.

2. Mathmateer

Mathmateer appeals to kids’ creative side. It is voted by Appolicious as one of the top 10 best apps for elementary school kids. Kids earn points money by completing a basic math challenge that enables building of a rocket ship to launch into space, in the process recognizing patterns and shapes, working on fractions and squares roots, and telling time. This app is suitable for kids ages 3 to 6.

3. Kids Math

This apps provides eight levels that kids must pass each level within a certain time frame by answering 10 math questions at each level, including questions about fractions and greater than/smaller than numbers. A kid must answer each question within 30 seconds failure to which he/she forfeits the question. Answering correct a kid is rewarded with an additional four seconds. Questions are generated randomly to ensure kids get new questions every time they play. This app is suitable for kids ages 3 to 5.

counting-caterpillar-app4. Counting Caterpillar

Fun app that features gorgeous colors and amazing visuals, including cute caterpillar and butterflies, on the display to keep kids engaged. Kids learn arithmetic concepts by feeding the worms by adding and gathering aphids in the correct sequence and earn butterflies, in order to move through more than 45 levels. This app is suitable for kids ages 4 to 5.

5. Marble Math Junior

A kid solves math problems by collecting number and bonuses as he/she navigates a marble maze. This app features three difficulty levels and 16 marble styles. And it can be personalized to match your kid’s personality and skills. It also allows customization to concentrate on areas where your kid needs most help. This app is suitable for kids ages 5 to 8.