Clash Royale – New Mobile Game That Kids Are GAGA Over

A new smartphone game for Android and iOS is in town and it is ready to destroy your children’s (or yours, not judging) productivity. Based on a similar game with a similar title called ‘Clash of Clans’, Clash Royale is a mobile game that is poised to take its way to the top of the app store chart. Already it has been downloaded over 10 million times and the numbers are climbing.

So what exactly is Clash Royale and why should you be aware of this game? Because this is another one of those games that features in-app purchase. IAP is a notorious in mobile gaming world for being deceptive because it is prominently featured in free-to-play games like Clash Royale. However, free has its price. When the gamer is addicted to games like this and want to advance further, he/she will have to fork over real money dollars to advance without sinking too much time.

Thankfully, Apple has added an option to disable in-app purchases and you can do this in the settings of your iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately, this isn’t available for Android devices to the best of my knowledge. (but correct me if I’m wrong! edit: some readers suggested using resource generator cheats for fast gems and gold for Clash Royale, but I haven’t tested that yet myself)

Overall, this is a fun little game that can be a nice distraction but don’t let your kids go out of control with this as it is very addicting and requires a lot of resources like gems and gold to advance to higher stages.