Curling Irons vs Hot Rollers

Some people are torn between hot rollers and curling iron. Which one is best for your hair? Well, both have benefits and some drawbacks. Since I have used all the two, I can give you my comparison which might help you decide what exactly you need.

Curling Iron

One of the first things I used on my hair was a curling iron. It is efficient, and it does its work pretty efficiently. However, some of the few gripes I have with it is that its clamp leaves some noticeable marks on the hair- in a few occasions, though. There is also a dire lack of variety in the curl- meaning it is very difficult to create different looking curls using a curling iron if you have air that is all the same in the length. It doesn’t matter you’ll take different amounts of hair.

When it comes to speed, curling iron is quicker than hot rollers. It is quick and mindless, I might add. It heats up quickly, and no sooner have you wrapped a piece of hair around the clamp, it is done- and you can unplug. The drawback is that it can leave indents on the hair.

Another popular use of curling irons is to tend to the hair’s ends. With the aid of a curling iron, you can tuck the hair’s ends or flip them out wildly- results that you might not get with a set of hot rollers. It is also versatile enough to precisely curl the strands you intend to curl- and achieve whichever style you want. A curling iron can curl a few small sections of the hair or the entire head.

So, this device can help to glamorize your hairdo as well as emphasize your style with only a few loose spirals around the face sweeping seductively along the back of your neck. What little pleasures! While it is quick and easy to curl with a curling iron, never forget to spritz the curls with a little hairspray to ensure they’ll last.

Hot Rollers

These are the least damaging to the hair when it comes to curling. That aside, hot rollers also give the most volume- though they have a proclivity to flatten out more easily. To ensure the curls will remain curls for the rest of the day, spritz some little hairspray. And they could also be a tad bit too fragile, especially when unraveling them from your hair. But you can cure that by leaving them in long enough.

Hot rollers take a long time to achieve curls on your head. The time factor might bother very many folks who want to do the curling quickly and move on to other equally important things. However, the beauty of it is that after you curl, you are free to continue doing other things as you wait for the hair to set: for example, you can continue to dress, doing your makeup, making phone calls or whatever other thing you want to do as you wait for the hair to curl. The reason they take long is that you have to wait for them to heat up.

Lastly, take care when using rollers. Use them with the least useful amount of heat and try not to wrap them too tightly.


I like both the curling iron and the hot rollers as they are all effective, depending on the style you desire. If you need to put your hair in a ponytail, a curling iron is the answer. If you want to curl the entire head, using hot rollers is ideal.