Are Hot Rollers Damaging Your Hair?

We all want that tantalizing curly hair that leaves other women wondering whether or not it is natural. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with curly hair so the need to use a styling to tool to create the curls we so desire.

Hot rollers are commonly used by many women to create curls. There are different types of hot rollers, ranging from those that create gentle wanes to those that create tight ringlets. They are easy to use and you can do it for yourself at home.

If you are wondering why the rollers are called hot, it’s because they have to be heated first. They are designed in such a way that they can fit into an electric tray with fitting elements that is plugged in a short time before they are used.

You have to segment your hair into sections which will be rolled around individual rollers. They have to be left on till they cool completely. You should then remove them carefully to avoid spoiling the look. If you want your curls to be firmer, you can leave them on your hair for the whole night.

Though hot rollers are meant to be used once in a while, there are those who will want to use them on a daily basis to maintain their hair look. With time, you come to realize that it is having some negative effects on your hair thus bringing up the question of whether hot rollers are damaging to hair.

How can hot rollers damage your hair?

As much as hot rollers are the easiest option for styling hair, sometimes you have to consider whether the impact they will leave on your hair in the long run will be positive. No one wants to have unhealthy hair before reaching their 50s.

It is no secret that heat is damaging to hair. If you use hot rollers daily, your hair is exposed to heat. According to the Scientist from the Haven Bloom constant heat exposure to hair can be very damaging as it causes dryness, itchy scalp among other problems.

Unless you reduce the number of times you use hot rollers and also ensure to wash and condition your hair after using them, your hair will look and feel awful after some time. Hair is very fragile so it has to be looked after carefully.

While all hot rollers look the same, there are some roller sets that can cause damage to hair more than others. You should purpose to buy steam heated rollers which are great in helping avoid over-drying of curls and ceramic-coated hot rollers which provide more even heat with lower temperature.

There are hot rollers with rough exteriors that can cause damage to hair with snags and rips. To be on the safer side, go for Teflon coated, plastic or rubber hot rollers which tend to provide a surface that is even.


The truth is that, you can’t avoid hot rollers entirely. You should therefore buy less-damaging hot rollers and ensure to use deep-conditioning treatments to moisturize your hair. Most importantly, ensure that your hair is totally dry and pretreated with mousse or styling gel before using hot rollers.